Women for Refugee Women supported five asylum-seeking women in London - Antho, Ann, E.E., Jeancy and K.M. - to work with the photographer Sarah Hickson to document their lives. All of these women were living destitute in London. This digital exhibition shows the five women's own photography.
Too often, women who have come to the UK to seek safety are instead made homeless, hungry and vulnerable to abuse. 
Asylum-seeking women's experiences of destitution very often go unseen and unheard. When the media covers stories about homelessness in the UK, the imagery that accompanies these stories is frequently focused on the male experience and denies people agency over how they are portrayed.
Through this project, we provided destitute asylum-seeking women with cameras. Here, they share their photographs, and tell the stories of their own lives.
On Tuesday 9 June 2020, we held a live event to open the exhibition, featuring refugee women in our network and other special guests, including Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu and actresses Sheila Atim and Noma Dumezweni. Watch the event here:
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